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Use this form to apply for a role within WVI Lund - either a board role, internal auditor, or election committee.

You should apply for two great reasons!

1) Great personal development! With great responsibility and challenge comes great growth. This organization is flat, meaning that everyone holds the power to change things, but these roles have a special responsibility. Whomever is elected to any of these are ultimately responsible for important parts and functions of the organization, and as such you will be challenged a little extra and grow a little extra. Besides, it is also fun! And you get a great experience to put on your CV for when you are applying for jobs.

2) We need to have these roles to be allowed to exists within the legal framework we do. So if reason 1) is not enough for you, consider doing it for the team!

So apply today!

The election committee, headed by Björn A. Söderström, will interview you. Then you will present yourself at the election meeting.

All information about the process can be found on the website, here:

The FB event is found here:

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You have to interview separately for all roles. Information about them is found here:
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