Videography Questionnaire
Once Upon a Time Photo and Film

Hi! Now that your big day is getting close, It’s time to start getting excited!
So I know that you may have provided some of this info already, but if you could fill out this form below, as detailed as possible, I’ll have it all to hand and it will be massively helpful on the wedding days and for editing.
Thanks for taking the time to do this, it’s really appreciated. Can’t wait!

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Full name of bride and groom
Wedding Date
Your preferred names for the title of the film?
Best day of contact number (ex. maid of honor or best man or wedding planner?)
Your Instagram Handles
Please list your other vendors (social media handles if convenient)
List 3 slow songs, 3 fast songs, and 1 instrumental song you would love for your wedding film! If you would like us to pick the songs based off what was played at your wedding let us know!
Where is the bride getting ready?
We like to sometimes find romantic covers of the songs you choose for your video - does that work for you?
Where is the groom getting ready?
Are there any special moments you would love to be filmed during the getting ready period?
Select who the bride is doing a first look with!
Type of ceremony (i.e. Civil, Catholic, Jewish etc.)
Ceremony Location and time
How long is your ceremony?
Are there any really important elements in the ceremony you would love captured?
Will the bride and groom be speaking a lot during the ceremony (for example saying your own vows) or will it mainly be the officiant?
Are you ok with us attaching a small mic to either the groom or officiant for the ceremony?
Clear selection
Are any of your guests giving readings? (please give details)
Are there any other special ceremonies separate from the wedding ceremony you would like recorded in full?
If you selected the Fairytale collection would you like voiceover or guest interviews?
Clear selection
If you chose voiceover - what would like as voiceover in your film
If you chose voiceover - what would like as voiceover in your film
If you selected vows or letters please set aside 10 minutes during the getting ready period without the photographer to record voiceover. Does this work or is there a better time?
If you selected guest interviews list any important people you would love to get an interview of! Please assign a guest/wedding party member that we can liase with on the night to gather interviewees during the reception.
Please select what you would like drone footage of in your film
If you are selecting anything other than landscape drone please set aside 10-15 minutes during your portrait session without the photographer to just do drone. Does that work?
Location of your reception
Are there any special moments you would like filmed during the reception?
List everyone who is giving a toast
Are the speakers ok having a small mic put on them before each toast? If yes let them and the DJ know ahead of time this will be happening
Clear selection
What are your first dances?
What type of exit are you doing? (Ex. Sparklers, confetti, bubbles, etc.)
Is there any guest or element you would not like featured in the final film?
How would you describe your wedding? What is the style/vibe/aesthetic?
List any links of other wedding films you loved that you want yours to be like/in the style of!
Is there a particular film you loved of ours? Which film?
List any other special requests of moments/details you would love included in the video!
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