Land Agent to Double Wars XXXIII
As last year, we will be organizing camp groups in advance to simplify registration. In case your camp is a group i.e. will contain more than one tent please register Land Agent and Camp name in this form. This will allow us to add your camp name to the list in the event registration form, so it can be selected by camp members when they are registering theirs tents.

When you register as land agent you accept the responsibility of the following:
· That all sleeping/living tents in your camp are equipped with a fire extinguisher.
· That the fireplace in your camp is 50 cm (20 in) above ground.
· That there is a bucket of water or sand by the fireplace.
· All tents are on the right side of the fire alley marked by ropes.
· That you and the ones that live in your camp follow the site rules.
· If you or anyone in your camp have any problems during the event, please contact the autocrats.

Before the Double Wars event you will receive an email with information about who will be living in your camp. At same time you will be asked to send us information about all tents and other equipment in your camp so we can estimate how big area you will get. We are expecting to send out the information email in the second half of April.

If you have any questions about your camp, you are always most welcome to contact us Site and Ground autocrats.

You will be able to wish a spot on the map where you want to have your camp, due to other campers and the size of their camp you may not be able to get the exact spot you wanted. But we will do our best to place you as close to a spot that you have wished.

Make sure that you choose more than one spot, that way it will be easier to place everyone in preferred areas.
Confirmation of the Land Agent registration will not be automatically sent to you. You will receive a confirmation email send out by Site and Ground autocrats upon our availability.

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