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We have 11 years to avert the climate crisis. Eleven years to prevent ecological catastrophe and human suffering on a massive scale. We have endured toxic air, dirty water and life-ending climate disaster for decades while fossil fuel CEOs reap the profits, and corrupt politicians turn a blind eye. The Green New Deal is the only plan to address the scope and scale of the crisis in the way that science and justice demand. Sunrise is building an army of young people to make climate change an urgent priority across America, end the corrupting influences of fossil fuel executives on our politics, and elect leaders who stand up for the health and wellbeing of all people.

The climate crisis disproportionately affects communities of color. We know, from our analysis, that there is no way to stop the climate crisis or the skyrocketing economic inequality in our country without addressing the structural racism and oppression that stains our society. Sunrise is committed to being an unapologetically multiracial and cross-class movement from all walks of life, and to supporting all of our leaders to feel able to step up and organize their communities.

We will embark on both individual and collective transformation through healing and a reclamation of our leadership narratives, centered on the power and strength of our racial and ethnic identities and how they qualify us to organize our communities.


1. Community.
2. Personal and Collective Transformation.
3. Leadership and skills development.

- Participants see themselves as leader, identify internal and external barriers to their leadership in the movement, and step into their agency/power.
- Participants know the systems of support that are available to them as leaders of colour in the movement + have the opportunity to give feedback around what additional supports would be helpful
- Participants are equipped with tools to lead from the front of the room, including facilitation, public narrative, storytelling, and messaging.

Note: There will be an Anti-Racist Training for White Leaders happening at the same time that we will be sharing space with at various points throughout the weekend.


1. Sunrisers that identify as a person of color. (Note: if you self-identify as a person of color, you are welcome to apply for this training! People of color come from diverse backgrounds and have a diverse array of experiences. Whether you are mixed race, adopted, or white-passing, we welcome you to apply. If you have questions, you can reach out to Genai (850-294-2142) + Aru (612-607-4163) to talk.

2. Leaders in the movement. Sunrisers who are or have a desire to be part of their hub’s core/leadership team, members of Volunteer Teams, and folks ready to step into their power and build a movement to win a Green New Deal. A prerequisite for this is attendance of a Sunrise 101 Online Orientation Training or an in-person orientation training or summit. If this will be a problem for you, let me know and we'll work something out. Online Orientation Training details:

3. Sunrisers under ~35 years old.
(if you are older and want to attend this training, please consider reading these guidelines for the elders and "young at heart" in our movement:


- Application Deadline: Monday, November 11th 11:59 PM EST
- Applicants will be accepted or waitlisted by email on Friday, November 15th
- Applicants must claim their spot in the training by Wednesday, November 19th


** Location: Durham, NC

** Dates: Friday, December 13th - 15th

** Times: Friday 9am-8pm; Saturday 9am- 9pm; Sunday 9am-5pm

** Food: We will provide breakfast, lunch and dinner on Friday and Saturday; breakfast and lunch on Sunday; and snacks, coffee, and tea throughout the weekend!

** Housing: We are planning to secure group housing so as many participants as possible can stay together, but depending on costs and space availability, we may need to split people up, so we encourage everyone to reach out to friends and contacts in Durham, NC. If we do wind up splitting people up into smaller groups, and you don't have a person to stay with, we will set you up with a friendly host!

** Travel:
* Please plan to arrive in Durham no later than Thursday night so you can be ready right in time for breakfast at 9am on Friday -- and please book your travel out no earlier than 5:30pm for buses/trains and no earlier than 6:30pm for flights.
* Sunrise will reimburse travel costs to the training, or help you pay for travel upfront if you need support. (We know many of you are coming from very far away).

** Costs: As a new movement, we don't have the same amount of money as more established groups (or the fossil fuel billionaires!) but we do have a bold vision, a plan to build unprecedented people power to stop the climate crisis, and the support of our communities. We estimate that costs for this training will come out to about $135 per person, including travel, food, space, and materials. We are prepared to cover travel costs but the price of the training has a self-determined sliding scale between $40-80. If you need a financial scholarship, please let us know!

Link to make your registration donation:

For any questions, reach out to Genai Lewis at with the subject line: LOC TRAINING

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