Furman Creative Collaborative Presents: Innovation Hour
Where and When: The OLLI Course is held every Thursday from 3:15 – 4:30PM in the Herring Center across from Timmons Arena. Course begins Thursday, September 12th and ends Thursday, November 7th. Students who are pitching their idea will do so during ONE of these sessions for about 20 minutes.

Time: Every presenter will have about twenty minutes for their “Innovative Idea.”

What: In this twenty minutes, you should speak on: why your innovative idea is unique, how it benefits the community and/or individuals, why you're passionate about this topic, and most importantly, why we as individuals should care and support your idea.

- Dr. Brandon Inabinet: Furman University Communications Professor (Brandon.Inabinent@furman.edu).
- Hannah Dailey: Program Coordinator for the Shi Center and former liaison for the Stanford Innovation Fellow Program (Hannah.Dailey@furman.edu)

The Grant: Furman Creative Collaborative has partnered with several organizations on and off campus to help raise money for the grant. Since these deals aren’t finalized yet there isn’t an exact total. We’ll keep you updated throughout the course. The top three presentations will receive grant money that will be available for use with their independent projects. Additionally, OLLI course members can write checks to individual participants as they see fit, or add to the overall grant pot throughout the course.

Questions can be directed to Amelia Davidson (amelia.davidson@furman.edu)

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