Thanks for volunteering with us! We truly appreciate your effort and the series, honestly, would not run if it wasn't for you!

Please complete this quick and easy questionnaire, so we can add you into our system!
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In order to make the volunteering process the easiest and quickest, here's a quick run-down on how the process works:

You can find more information about the series by visiting: www.canadianenduro.com

1) You're receiving this information because you've emailed admin@bcenduro.com inquiring about volunteering with us.

2) Complete the online form (congrats, you're on the right path).

3) Ensure you specify on the form which events you can 100% attend - if you put your name down, we'll think you're coming!

4) Double check the dates of the events and confirm you are ready to commit.

5) We'll send you three emails:
First Email = Monday or Tuesday before the event > This email is just confirm that you're still coming.
Second Email = Wednesday or Thursday before > This email will confirm some logistics and give you a bit more
information about the race, meeting times etc.
This is your last chance to reconsider.
Third Email = Friday or Saturday before event > This email will give you your position, confirm the meeting location/time, map, emergency action plan etc.

- Race Discounts/Entries = If you've never volunteered with us before, these will be sent out after your first event.
- Redeeming for a child/spouse = You'll get 75% off your child's entry for volunteering.
- Event Dates - Check below
-Course Marshals - On course typically for 5-6 hrs > you can ride, walk or hike in!
- Events with lift tickets - you'll be given a lift ticket for the day of the event
- Come prepared - bug spray, sunscreen, water, snacks (we'll provide a meal after and a sandwich for lunch).
- Some events require Saturday volunteers.

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Volunteer positions on Saturday do not include food or a volunteer t-shirt. Please keep in mind you may not be given your first choice, so please select all that apply.
Survey Administrator
This is a unique position. We are hiring one or two people who will attend all the events to administer our Economic Impact Analysis Survey. This person will be paid $100 per day (under 100 surveys completed) or $2.00 per completed survey (if more than 100 surveys completed) This position is on every Sunday of our event weekend. This person must be responsible and ensure we have a minimum of 100 surveys completed per event. You will be required to be up early and be present for the duration of the event.
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I would like a discount for:
Discounts are only transferable to spouse (committed bf/gf) or child. Discount amounts can be found here - www.canadianenduro.com/faq
Please email admin@bcenduro.com minimum ten days prior to the event you'd like to redeem your coupon for. We will process it at that time. *
I will be applying my discount to my child or spouse: *
You must email us minimum 10 days prior to the event you wish to redeem for a coupon.
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Are you capable of riding into your spot? If yes, how skilled are you (includes fitness level) *
Do you have first-aid training? *
Do you have a truck or vehicle to drive into your position? No crazy roads, unless you like that. *
Anything else we should know? Any injuries, time limitations, allergies or other?
Download the Trail Forks App - https://www.trailforks.com/apps/

1. Download the BC, AB, ON OR QC REGION (depending on your events) - this will allow you to utilize the map when you're 'offline' - you do this in the app on your phone

2. Our course map and route will be released later in the week (Link will follow closer to date of event)

3. Once on the event hand page, you will see on the right, above the map, a "wishlist" button, with a Cellphone Icon - CLICK THAT BUTTON, it will put a copy of the route into your phone!

I have downloaded Trailforks
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Alrighty, go give us a follow on Facebook and Instagram and we'll be in touch shortly.

Any questions, please email admin@bcenduro.com - please allow 48hrs for a response.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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