CS251P Student Application Form (9/21/2015)
We are handing out physical hardware and only have lab space for 55 students in the course. We will be prioritizing applicants in part on the basis of your responses below, and then by random draw.
What is your @stanford.edu email address? *
For example, john at stanford dot edu
What is your @gmail.com email address? *
Please sign up for one if you don't have one, because Stanford's Google Apps installation can be flaky and your Gmail address will be a backup.
Are you committed to taking the lab portion of the class all the way through? *
What is your self-assessed skill level with the following technologies? *
You'll need to know how to code well in at least one language for this class.
Novice (1)
Intermediate (4)
Expert (7)
Text Editors (Emacs, Vim, etc)
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