2019 CSJ Outstanding Counseling Program/Agency Award Recommendation Form
Please use this form to nominate a counseling or psychology program/agency that reflects the mission of CSJ in their training of future counselors, work in the community, advocacy, etc. Programs or Agencies nominated for this award should demonstrate outstanding pre- service and/or in-service training in areas such as: social justice counseling, multicultural counseling, advocacy, and counseling socially and culturally diverse populations.

DEADLINE: February 15

We recommend you review the application content and make sure that you have all information prepared to complete the application.

For any questions, email awards@counseling-csj.org

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Please acknowledge that you will email the following to Awards@counseling-csj.org
Use the email subject: 2019 PROGRAM/AGENCY AWARD NOMINEE
Letter of Nomination: Highlight the distinctive practices within the program or agency that make it an outstanding program, including at least two of the areas listed above (i.e., e.g., social justice counseling, multicultural counseling, advocacy, and counseling socially and culturally diverse populations) *
1,000-2,000 words
Two to four additional letters of support from students/practitioners: The letter should state the award for which the program or agency is being nominated and highlight the student/practitioners experience with the training they received in at least one of the areas listed above. *
Maximum length: 1 page each
Optional - additional material (2 to 4 items) that highlight the accomplishments or uniqueness of the program/agency and the students/practitioners
Examples: awards and honors, letters of appreciation, notable examples of high-impact service activities and how your program/agency made a difference, blogs, flyers, links to supportive web-site pages that provide information about the program/agency, etc.
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