"How to be a Christian and a Scientist" by Dr. Denis Alexander
31-May-2017 (Wednesday) 12:30pm, Rm AC1-P4302, CityU (Venue changed!!!)
Yeung Kin Man Academic Building (www6.cityu.edu.hk/wayfinder/en/Building/ACAD)
83 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon Tong, Kowloon, HK

Yes, you are a Christian. And yes, you are a scientist.

How does that play out in the day to day decisions that need to be made?
Can you discuss science with people at church?
Can you discuss Christianity with people in the lab?
What des an integrated life look like?

Dr Denis Alexander is the Emeritus Director of The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion, St. Edmund’s College, Cambridge, where he is a Fellow. He was previously Chair of the Immunology Programme and Head of the Laboratory of Lymphocyte Signalling and Development at The Babraham Institute, Cambridge. He has many years’ experience of being known both as a scientist and as a Christian, and notably as an academic who will actively pursue fruitful engagement between science and religion.

In this interactive seminar, he will present some of his experiences at the forefront of science-religion discourse in the UK. He will then open up the floor to questions.

This event is open to academic researchers from across Hong Kong. If you would like to take advantage of co-ordinated transport to CityU from other campuses, please contact us. (faithandscience.hku.hk/about-us/contact.html)

Dr Alexander will also give a public lecture at HKU called Slaves to our Genes? Genes, Determinism and God.

Faith and Science Research Forum at HKU
Faraday Institute, Cambridge
CityU Christian Staff Fellowship

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How to be a Christian and a Scientist
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