Contingency Claim Form
REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS: Competitors must be officially registered to participate in the program prior to competing. No award payout will be paid if you are not enrolled prior to competing.

This online form is NOT for registration. This online form is for contingency claims for pre-registered participants only. To register online, please complete the online form at:

AWARDS PROCESS: Registered participants must provide the following:
1) Complete the following claim form online
2) Upload PDF or Image copy of the qualifying event's race results
3) Upload photos (Front) of the registered race vehicle clearly proving signage requirements have been met.

Award Certificates will be issued by OS Giken USA, Inc. within 30 days of claim receipt.
All Contingency Awards must be claimed no later than 30 days after the award was earned.
Requests received after this date will be denied. Awards will be made to legal finishers only.

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