Digital Public Goods Submission
This is a BETA version of our submission form and process which means we'll be learning from it and may contact you for follow-up information and input on the process as well as your project submission.

We strongly recommend that before you begin you review the submission guide at

This submission form requests information that will be used to assess whether a project meets the minimum requirements to be considered a Digital Public Good according to the DPG Alliance. This process is being regularly updated and improved so additional information may be requested in addition to what is collected through this form.

Please check the submission guide in advance to know what information will be requested of you. If you do not have all of the information about a project you may still submit it. Please provide as much information as possible. Projects with more complete information will move more quickly through the vetting process.


Submission Guide:

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DPG Nominee
In order to be a DPG nominee, projects must be relevant to a Sustainable Development Goal, have an appropriate open license and be available for others to freely use, modify, and shared.
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We strongly recommend that before you begin you review the submission guide at
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For example, Wikipedia.
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Include a concise 1-line description for this project.
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Please list the primary organization or maintainer of this project i.e. Wikimedia
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For Software: Public Repository URL
Required for open source software - link to public repository
Please identify which of the Sustainable Development Goals this project is relevant to: *
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Please supply links or information to support this relevance: *
Describe how this project has impacted or seeks to impact one of the sustainable development goals. Include links to mission statements, articles, impact measurements, results, etc.
DPGs must use an open license. Please identify which of these approved open licenses this project uses: *
For Open Source Software, we only accept OSI approved licenses. For Open Content we require the use of a Creative Commons license while we encourage projects to use a license which allows for both derivatives and commercial reuse or dedicate content to the public domain (CC0) we also accept licenses which do not allow for commercial reuse: CC-BY-NC and CC-BY-NC-SA. For data we require a Open Data Commons approved license listed at If you use a license that is not currently listed here but you believe should be included please email
Please link to where the license is indicated for this project: *
I.e. GitHub Repo or page of website.
Congratulations! You've shared the information required to assess this project as a DPG Nominee.
In order to evaluate the project as a DPG Candidate and/or full DPG we will require additional information including details about the project's documentation, dependencies and use of data. If you have or able to find this information please carry on to the next section. If you do not have this information please submit the nomination and we will follow-up with the project to collect additional information. Note projects with more complete information will move more quickly through the vetting process.
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