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The BACKSTORY: Does this sound familiar?

I have an ex who harasses, abuses, intimidates and threatens me via text message, email and voice call. Both police and lawyers have advised me to track all communication and contact with him, as doing so is my only defense.

Tracking is not only relentless, (it’s b­­een 3 years), but both physically and emotionally onerous. There’ve been periods where I’ve either done it sporadically or not at all. ­­­­I’ve paid the price for that inconsistency.

I wondered: What would help me? What would make a difference?

A partner and I are building solution to automate tracking (text message, email, voice call, etc.), saving everything in a single, secure, word-searchable and evidence-ready document in the cloud.

How it works: You enter your abuser’s contact details and all communication both to and from that number/address is automatically captured or recorded. You don’t need to screen-shot or print or record anything yourself. There will also be an in-app journal function to record each point of contact. Simply give your lawyer or the police access to the record and they can view your story for themselves.

If you’ve been through/are in the same situation; we’re looking for some insight from you to help us get there:

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