Geek Camp Node Directory
If you are proposing to create a Geek Camp Node - a physical venue in which two our more SA members will get together to participate in the Camp on 23-24 August - please let us know by entering information here. The location of the node and your email address are the only mandatory fields. Of the rest, please enter as much as you are able to right now. You are welcome to add more information later. We'd rather have the minimum information about your node now than none at all.
Location *
Please enter City or Town in which your node will be located
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Your first name and initial
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Email *
The address you would prefer for Geek Camp correspondence
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If yet known, enter here the workshop activity which will take place at your node during the Camp. This will normally be chosen by your node group from the list of possibilities shown here:
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If yet known, the ULR of the video stream which will come from your node and which others on the Camp will be able to view. If in doubt, leave this blank.
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Include here, if you wish the kind of equipment which you hope to have at your node during the Camp. For example, Wireless Internet Connection, PCs, Laptops, Audio System, etc.
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