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Chatting to Wellness is a rapidly growing social enterprise in the GTA that works to improve the mental health of seniors by combating loneliness and isolation in retirement homes. Over the past year we have helped 650+ seniors across our many partnered locations spanning over 7 cities. Operating in some of the leading retirement home companies, with support from Microsoft Mississauga to implement new tech, to awards like Schulich's Future Star for Social Impact and Brampton's Top 40 Under 40 (awarded to our founder), we are creating significant impact in the lives of seniors across Ontario.

We believe in the therapeutic properties of a nice chat on one’s mental health and mood. We provide 1-on-1 chatting sessions between seniors and our volunteers (Chatters), allowing them an outlet to have a genuine conversation about whatever may be on their mind or going on in life. The volunteers are trained to guide a conversation, but not run through a script like traditional counselling, this allows for genuine conversation as if it was simply a talk amongst friends.

Chatters will go through this application, a phone interview, have a vulnerable sector check done, sign safety agreements, and complete our training. (It's a lot easier than it sounds, we promise)

Chatters will then be a Certified Chatter for Chatting to Wellness and will be able to conduct 1-on-1 Chatting Sessions, attend Chatting to Wellness events, and will be loved by all (results may vary).

If you have any questions about Chatting to Wellness or this from, feel free to email

IMPORTANT: Please read the questions carefully and answer completely. Due to a high volume of applications we will not reach out to applicants with incomplete/improperly completed applications for clarification.
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