Egg Donation with Dexeus Mujer Spain
Before completing this form please ensure you contact information is correct as the Dexus Mujer team will need to contact you by phone and email to discuss your application especially if there is any missing or incorrect information.

DEXEUS MUJER is offering one couple a free fertility treatment in 2019

They will offer

- Initial medical consultation
- Serology tests
- Advanced sperm test
- Exclusive egg donation treatment (including donor sperm if needed) which includes:
- Embryo transfer guaranteed
- Thorough donor screening (gynaecological examination, cervical smear, ultrasound, complete set of laboratory tests, serology, karyotypes, HIV PCR test, psychological test and electrocardiogram)
- Genetic carrier screening for the donor and the male partner
- Oocyte insemination via intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)
- Donor medication
- Recipient medication
- Embryo incubation with time-lapse embryo monitoring technology
- If there are surplus embryos, vitrification is included
- All cryotransfers (from surplus embryos) included until pregnancy

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