Botika Level Up 2020 Team Registration
Submission of this form indicates the team's interest to participate in Botika Level Up 2020. Completion of this registration step is a must in order to participate in the competition. However, YPG-Philippines acknowledges that this does not necessarily entail that the team will be proceeding to submit a business proposal for the competition.

Upon submission of this form, the Botika Level Up 2020 project team will be e-mailing the full contest kit to the project lead. The kit includes:
- Project Brief
- Community Pharmacy Survey Results
- Specified Format for Initial Submission
- Specified Format for Final Submission (Top 3 Teams)
- Regulatory Documents for Reference

Requirements for Formation of Teams:
- A team must be composed of 5 members: Two (2) registered young pharmacists (up to 35 years of age) and Three (3) registered pharmacist, non-licensed pharmacy graduate, or non-pharmacist support.
- The team must assign a project lead, who will be in charge of coordinating with YPG throughout the competition.
- YPG may match one or more BS Pharmacy students to your team as apprentices.
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Important Reminders
The Community Pharmacy Survey results and the information it contains is confidential, and must be used only for the purposes of the Botika Level Up 2020 competition. Further disclosures, beyond team discussions related to the competition, are prohibited without proper authorization from YPG-Philippines.

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1. Agree to disclose personal information to YPG-Philippines.
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3. Confirm that you have read this Personal Data Protection Notice and consent to collection, use and disclosure of your Personal Data, for the purposes as stated herein.

We process your Personal Data for the following purposes:

1. Process the team's registration to Botika Level Up 2020

YPG-Philippines will keep and process your Personal Data in a secure manner. We will provide and implement appropriate administrative security safeguards to ensure your Personal Data will not be misused and to prevent any unauthorized Processing of your Personal Data.
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