PP | Young People Survey
We are a group of young people who want to help make health care services more youth friendly in Purbeck. We are working with Purbeck Primary Care Network and Participation People to help improve local NHS services in Purbeck. These services include: Hospitals, GP Surgeries; Pharmacies; Dentists; Sexual Health Services and others.

If you live in, or access primary care services in Purbeck, and are aged between. 14 and 19, we would love to hear from you!
How often do you access primary care services? (Explanation above)
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Have you ever booked an appointment at any primary care service?
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If you have, how easy was the experience?
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What could make booking an appointment easier?
If you have not used any services, why have you not? (Tick all that apply)
When you arrived for an appointment, how welcome did you feel?
Not Welcome at all
Very Welcome
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What could be done to make you feel more welcome?
How comfortable would you feel making a complaint or a suggestion at a surgery or other primary care setting?
Not at all confident
Very confident
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How important is it to see the same health care professional each time you have an appointment?
Not at all important
Very Important
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How would you rate primary care services in Purbeck?
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About you
What school do you go to?
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Are you...?
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Do you consider yourself to be....?
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Do you have any of the following disabilities or difficulties? (tick all that apply)
Do you have a diagnosed mental health condition?
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Do you receive Pupil Premium or Free School Meals
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What is your ethnic background?
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Are you from a military family?
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Thank you so much for your opinions.

Your answers will help us to shape and improve the youth friendliness and the services of the Purbeck Primary Care Network.

If you would like to get involved in shaping local NHS services in Purbeck, email dorset@participationpeople.com to find out more!
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