CoCoon Pitch Night Application Form 浩觀創業擂台申請表
Thank you for your interest to apply to present at CoCoon Pitch Night. This is a great platform to meet potential investors, corporate partners, designers, hackers, makers and much more. Take a look at previous teams and judges: Let's get started:
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Your Product/Startup Name 你的產品/企業名稱
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One line description of what your product/startup does 請用一句句子形容你的產品/企業
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What are you looking for? 你希望透過浩觀尋找甚麼?
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Language you would like to pitch in 參賽語言
Do you have a pitch deck? 你是否有創業計劃簡報?
We are looking for a 5 slide powerpoint that describes your business (problem, market, solution and team). Please send your deck to us at You will receive an email as confirmation after your deck submission. 請提供五頁簡報介紹你的創業計劃:包括公司簡介、產品簡介、市場定位、團隊、參加原因。請電郵資料至 我們收到後將會發電郵確認。
Are there any other pitching events you have pitched in Hong Kong? If so, which events are they? 你有曾經在香港參過其他路演活動嗎?如有,請列出。 *
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