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View our audition requirements by instrument here: https://www.sfsymphony.org/EducationCommunity/SFS-Youth-Orchestra/SFSYO-How-to-Audition-Requirement

AUDITIONEES, please complete the form below, being sure to fill out all required fields, and submit once completed.  Please do not complete any field with all caps unless it is specified by the title of a piece.  If a REQUIRED field is not applicable to your situation, please complete with "N/A."  If a field is NOT REQUIRED and not applicable to your situation, please leave it blank.

PARENTS: Please do not complete this for your young musician.  It is vital they begin their process with our program independently with your guidance as appropriate.

PLEASE NOTE:  This is an application and not a registration.  You will be contacted with notification of your application and audition status.  For students 13 years or older, we expect all primary contact to be with the APPLICANT.  Primary email ("Email" as listed immediately below) and phone should be that of the APPLICANT (student/auditionee) as the one pursuing this opportunity.  Email is our primary method for informing you of next steps and details, though we will communicate by phone as well.  Your voicemail must be setup to receive messages.  We ask that parents partner with us to coach students as to how to communicate in a professional and responsible manner as needed, but our primary contact should be with the applicant.  Later fields will be provided for additional contact information.  

Applicants will be notified of their audition status after the deadline for consideration, March 15, 2023 and given further details about how auditions will be scheduled.  Late applications will be reviewed and considered on a case-by-case basis.  There is no reason to count yourself out if your application is submitted after the deadline - we often have room for more candidates.  APPLICANTS SHOULD NOT WAIT to begin preparing audition requirements listed above and should begin their preparation at the time of application if not earlier.

*COVID-19 VACCINATION - that is full vaccination plus at least one booster - is not required for the application.  IT WILL, however, be a requirement should applicants be invited to live auditions at Davies Symphony Hall in April/May.

Please also set your email client and/or spam filter to accept any email from domain @sfsymphony.org  Otherwise, you might miss crucial information.
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Email *
Instrument -- Please choose one.  If applying on more than one instrument, you will need to submit multiple applications. *
ONLY IF you selected "other," please list the instrument(s) here.
ONLY IF you also play an auxiliary instrument in one of the above categories (piccolo, English horn, bass/e-flat clarinet, contrabassoon, etc.,) please list it here along with excerpts you would like to present for the adjudicators.  This is entirely optional and, if declined, does not count against your application in any way.
Current Age *
ONLY IF you selected "other," please list your age here.
Date of Birth *
Grade (as of Fall 2023) *
If you selected "other," please list your school year here for Fall 2023.
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Telephone Number.  Req  DO NOT TYPE CONSECUTIVE NUMERALS WITHOUT DASHES.uired format: xxx-xxx-xxxx  (Domestic (US) numbers without dashes will disqualify an application.) *
Alternate email address if applicable.  Do not list your primary email address twice.
Current School *
City in which current school is located *
School you will attend in Fall 2023 *
In which school music program(s) do you participate and who are the instructor(s)? - First AND last name of instructor, please.  Titles such as "Mr., Mrs., and Ms." should not be used here. *
Private music instructor for applied instrument (First and last. Titles such as "Mr., Mrs., and Ms." should not be used here. *
Private music instructor's phone number.   DO NOT TYPE CONSECUTIVE NUMERALS WITHOUT DASHES.  Required format: xxx-xxx-xxxx (Domestic (US) numbers without dashes will disqualify an application.)  If not known, you will need to find out from your teacher before submission.   *
Private instructor's email *
How many years have you studied the instrument on which you are applying?  Please indicate only a number using digits.   *
Parent/Guardian Name for Secondary Contact *
Please list your previous musical education and instructors - emphasizing orchestral training where possible (limit 500 characters)  Since you are writing this as a candidate, third-person narrative is discouraged. *
Musical Experience -- Awards, Competitions, Recitals, Performances, School Programs, Orchestras, Bands, Music Camps, etc.  - emphasizing orchestral training where possible.  Since you are writing this as a candidate, third-person narrative is discouraged. *
Have you previously auditioned for the San Francisco Symphony Youth Orchestra? *
If you have previously auditioned, please list when:
How did you hear about the SFSYO auditions?  Please use specific names when referring to a person, program, or publication and refrain from general answers such as "my friend" or "my school." *
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