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Young Rewired State 2013

5th – 11th August 2013

Young Rewired State (http://youngrewiredstate.org), is an annual week-long working-with-open-data-learn-how-to-hack-code event aimed at those 18 and under. Building on the skills of those competing, YRS offers an a opportunity to code outside of the bedroom, to meet fellow geeks, and get support from a network of mentors. The week concludes, on the weekend at The Custard Factory in Birmingham, with hackers presenting their work to an audience of geeks, other YRSers, journos, politicos, civil society, civil service, and nosey-parkers for show and tell / prizegiving.


Young Rewired State is all about young coders helping each other develop their skills and working together to ‘hack’ (that means create or develop to us) some awesome stuff. From Monday to Friday centres around the UK open their doors to provide space and mentoring for kids who can code in their local area. Then, on Friday, everyone travels to the Custard Factory in Birmingham to hear from some clever and inspiring tech or digital-doing people, eat pizza. On Saturday there is a grand show and tell of what everyone has built during the week - and prizes

To be a YRSer you need to:
• Be aged 18 or under (by the conclusion of the event);
• Have some skills and experience with coding or be prepared to get some programming skills ahead of the week.
• Have a laptop that you can work on during the week (and hopefully a bit before, and after);
• Be willing to participate for the whole week and travel to Birmingham for the festival weekend;

Any coders under the age of 13 have to be accompanied to the Custard Factory in Birmingham by a parent or guardian. Young Rewired State is free to attend but those attending are expected to cover their own travel costs. In some circumstances financial assistance can be provided by our hardship fund, but this is not guaranteed.

Young Rewired State is not-for-profit so we rely on volunteers to help us out. Throughout the week the YRSers are assisted by mentors who have experience of coding and are willing to share their skills and ideas. Mentors don’t have to commit for the whole week but it is best if they do as they usually get very attached to the hacks and want to see them through to the final show and tell in the Custard Factory. Unfortunately YRS does not have the resources to pay expenses so mentors are expected to fund their own participation.

Any business, organisation or institution can sign up to be a Young Rewired State centre. It’s a fantastic way to discover and nurture coding talent in local communities and usually proves very rewarding for the centres. Centres need to have space to accommodate at least five YRSers (and their kit), as well as a couple of mentors. A fast and reliable internet connection (preferably unfiltered) and wi-fi system is also a must, as the YRS community exists and communicates online during the week.

Each centre needs to be run by a centre lead who, in the run up to the event, will take over communication with the YRSers allocated to them. The centre leads are also required to accompany the YRSers from their centre to the Custard Factory in Birmingham and stay for the weekend festival; they are responsible for coordinating the travel arrangements. The mentors can be provided either by the centre or by YRS.

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