Illegal Downloading in Germany
Every year in Germany around 100,000 letters are sent to people from law firms demanding large amounts of money for the illegal sharing of films, music and other digital content.

This survey is for people who have been affected by letters like this over the last few years.

I have personally dealt with many of these cases, as well as helping others fight them off.

There is a lot of confusion, myth and outright false information in circulation about filesharing.

I am researching a comprehensive guide to the issue for Berliners old and new.

It will cut through the fog which surrounds the issue and could save people thousands of Euro and many sleepless nights.

Please answer as many questions as you like, as candidly as you are able to.

If you know somebody who has experienced this uniquely german phenomenon, please share it with them.

All information will be treated with complete confidence, will never be shared with any third parties, nor will it be published without permission.

What is your name?
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What is your age?
Your answer
Where are you from?
Your answer
How long have you lived in Germany?
Your answer
What is your job, if you have one?
Your answer
On a scale of one to five, much German can you read?
When did you receive your first Abmahnung?
What form of filesharing were you accused of?
Describe your first reaction when you received the letter:
Your answer
Please write the name of the law firm who wrote to you:
Your answer
Were you contacted by any other lawyers or collection agencies (Inkassofirmen) in relation to this case?
What was the name of the studio they were representing?
Your answer
What were you accused of downloading?
What was the title of the file in question?(Reminder: Full Secrecy!)
Your answer
Had you heard about people receiving these letters before?
If you answered "Yes" to the last question, what did you know about them? Please share any rumours or stories you heard about this during your time living in Germany.
Your answer
Did you share your internet password flatmates?
Did you share your connection with friends, neighbours or guests?
What was your immediate emotional reaction to the letter?
Your answer
Did you pay the money?
If you answered "Yes" to the last question, did you make any special arrangements for payments, such as installments or a reduced fee?
Did you sign the Unterlassungserklärung that came with the letter?
Did you research the problem on the internet?
If you answered "Yes" to the last question, where did you find the information?
Please describe any information or advice you received from these sites:
Your answer
Did you receive any advice from a friend?
If so, what advice did they give you?
Your answer
Did you hire a lawyer to represent you?
If you answered "Yes" to the last question, which lawyer did you hire?
Your answer
Did you apply for legal aid?(Beratungsgutschein)
Did you receive legal aid?
Has the case been resolved?
What was the result of your efforts?
Your answer
Do you expect to receive more letters for other downloads in the future?
How many hours did you spend dealing with the problem?
Your answer
How many hours off work did you have to take to deal with the problem? ( If you took no time off, just type 0 )
Your answer
What steps, if any, did you take to prevent something like this from happening again?
Do you consent to possibly being contacted again in the future to discuss your story? (In complete privacy, of course!)
If you answered "Yes" to the last question, please enter your email address below:
Your answer
Thank you for answering these questions!
All of your information will be treated wth full secrecy.
Hopefully your experiences will help others see through the fog of misinformation in the future.

May you have a peaceful day, free of legal hassles!


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