PennACE Joanne Day SOTY Award 2019 - Internship/Coop Site Supervisor Support Statement
This form should be completed by Internship Site Supervisor who can speak to the following topics:
• Student's work related duties and projects along with quantity and quality of work
• Examples of the student’s initiative, and/or creative, original work
• Examples of how the student was challenged
• Reflection on the overall impact that the student had on the department or organization
• Published work or presentations made by the student and/or any recognition or awards given to the student by the organization

Student Eligibility Requirements:
• The student applicants must have completed their undergraduate internship between August 2018 – August 2019 while enrolled at a PennACE member institution.
• Applicants may only apply for one award category - STEM, Business, Liberal Arts, Associates Degree.

Application Process:
• Applicants must submit the online application form and student essay, resume and two letters of support - one from university personnel and one from the internship/coop site supervisor. If internship was at their University, applicant must still submit two letters of support.
• Application packet materials must be submitted in full no later than Monday, November 18, 2019
• Application materials submitted outside of the required time frame will not be considered.

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