SSRF Survey: Help us better serve your spiritual needs
In order to make the SSRF website more easily accessible to spiritual seekers around the world, we are performing a study about the most common ways spiritual people and visitors of the SSRF website search on Google, and how and why they come to SSRF.

By fulfilling this 5 minute survey you can help us in this process, so that we can better understand what are your most common questions and needs, and which are the terms or keywords most likely used when searching about Spirituality.

The survey is anonymous. We will not collect your email address or personal data, and we will not publish or transfer your survey answers to any third parties.

General Questions to know you better:
1. What is your country of residence? *
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2. How many times have you visited the SSRF website? *
3. How long have you been visiting the SSRF website? *
4. What is the main reason you came to the SSRF website? *
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5. How did you find SSRF the first time? *
6. Have you started practicing spirituality or attended any SSRF meetings? *
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Questions about searching for Spirituality in Google or Social media
7. Which topics did you search for in Google search or Social media when you found SSRF? *
For example "spiritual growth" or "overcoming insomnia". If you cannot remember the exact question or the terms, you can write what you can remember
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8. Which topics did you search for in Google or Social media when looking for spiritual websites or answers to your spiritual questions? *
These are terms which you searched in general, not to find SSRF, but your general interests related to spirituality. For example "meditation", "spiritual living", etc.
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9. Do you have any suggestions or recommendations so that we can improve our website?
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Gratitude for completing the survey :) SSRF seekers
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