Robotics Team Enrollment, 3rd - 5th Grade
Thank you for your interest in the robotics team, let's start by going over what the robotics program is about and what to expect.

Small teams of 3 to 5 students design, build, and program their own robot from a kit of parts, then take it to events where they compete against students from other schools. The kids are having fun while learning. Vex is a student-centered robotics program. Students are actively involved in learning opportunities to increase their knowledge and skills under the guidance of adult mentorship. Students have ownership of how their robot is designed, built, programmed, and utilized.

Competitions are in SE Michigan, normally on Saturdays, starting in the morning and lasting for most of the day. Families are responsible for getting their children to and from events. Third-grade teams will typically attend two events while fourth and fifth-grade teams may attend up to three qualification events.

The Vex robotics season starts at the beginning of the school year. For third-graders, their season will end before Christmas break. Fourth and fifth-grade teams may have events in January or February. The season can extend into the end of April for teams that advance to the State, or World Championships.

Meetings are held in the robotics lab on Saturday mornings. The cost of Vex IQ is $300 per student. A parent meeting will be scheduled at the beginning of the year before final commitments are made to join the team.

No prior robotics experience is necessary. Students are expected to conduct themselves in compliance with the NDPMA student code of conduct at all times.

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