Discovery Southeast 2020 Planning Input
It's not all doom and gloom! What can we achieve now, and in the next 5 or 10 years? We appreciate your input.
How do you know Discovery Southeast?
Check all that apply
Why is hands-on, outdoor education important to you? What are the most important benefits you believe it provides?
During the pandemic, Discovery Southeast is offering 1) small-group in-person programs and 2) distance learning opportunities like online lessons or take-home packets. Have you used them and what did you think of them?
You can find these materials at and
How can Discovery Southeast best support families while school is impacted by the pandemic, and what's Discovery Southeast’s most important task or responsibility for the next 1-3 years?
Looking further ahead, 5 or 10 years, which of these attributes of Discovery Southeast programs are important to you?
1 (Not important)
5 (Very important)
Integrates science curriculum
Reaches all elementary kids/classrooms
Specific to here (Southeast Alaska)
Works with/in Schools
Hand-on & experiential
In-person (as opposed to computer delivery)
Includes day camps!
Occurs during parents' working hours
Includes transportation (we normally pickup and drop off from a central location)
Pay-as-you-can (cost is never a barrier)
Inquiry-based lessons
Supports wellness, personal growth and comfort
Clear selection
Is something else really important to you?
Feel free to list other attributes we have, or attributes you want us to add or change.
Is there anything about registration, program scheduling, or location that would make it even easier for families to participate?
What can Discovery Southeast do to continue to diversify (age, race, gender identity, sexual orientation) our organization? You might consider our outreach, our programs, or the makeup of the board of directors, staff, and program participants.
How do you feel about our communication? Do you hear from Discovery Southeast enough, and how valuable is the information we share? Are there other ways we should share information about programs and resources?
Thinking out of the box, big or small, what else would you like to see from us?
Are there things we can do to broaden the community we serve or the community that supports us? Would you like to see new partnerships? Do you have an idea for how programs might evolve and grow?
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