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25 CARRICK AVE PROJECTAPPRENTICE AGREEMENT Background The Apprentice Agreement (“Agreement”) provides important information and guidelines.  You may not begin the apprentice program for 25 Carrick Ave Project (“25 Carrick”) without signing it.  Apprenticeship Minimum RequirementsYou must be age 17 or older, with the ability to lift 50 lbs for loading and unloading, and must be able to stand/stay outside for 4-5 hours at a time.  The program consists of a four-week intensive training course with outdoor events primarily at 25 Carrick’s premises and at Southside Works.  You commit to attending all in-person training sessions and events according to the schedule which has been provided to you.  You will attend 48 hours of training and test proficiency in Live Sound Basics upon completion of the program.  You agree that you may be subject to a background check.  General RequirementsYou may not post any work product or other images, recordings, writings, etc. online without written permission from 25 Carrick.  You may freely share from 25 Carrick social media. Any and all copyrights or other intellectual property that you may generate in the course of your apprenticeship are assigned to 25 Carrick.  You may reuse such items in a physical or online portfolio that you may show to potential employers.Supervision, Health & SafetyYou will be directed by staff of 25 Carrick or other partner organizations and should not undertake any tasks without permission from the appropriate supervisor.  Ask staff for clarification of any questions.  If you cannot complete your tasks or hours, you should notify staff as soon as possible.Your apprenticeship efforts are undertaken at your own risk, and you are solely responsible for your own well-being.  25 Carrick will not be responsible for any medical costs or legal liability which may arise from your participation in its or partner organizations’ activities, nor will it be responsible for any damages you may have indirectly or directly caused to others.  You should only engage in activities at a pace appropriate for your own individual health and fitness levels.Exercise caution and behave in ways that encourage safety by you and those around you.  Never feel obligated to put yourself or stay in situations in which you feel unsafe.  If you or anyone else is injured while engaging in activities on behalf of 25 Carrick, you should promptly report that injury to 25 Carrick.  Documenting an injury does not constitute acceptance of any liability for the injury.  Guard your personal items.  25 Carrick is not responsible for your lost or stolen property.  Personal ConductYour behavior reflects on 25 Carrick and you are expected to have a professional demeanor and appearance, and to behave in an appropriate and polite manner.   Inappropriate conduct, including but not limited to violations of this Agreement or applicable law, bullying, discriminatory remarks, or sexual harassment will not be tolerated, and will be grounds for immediate removal.  Likewise, personal behavior that could tend to reflect poorly on 25 Carrick may be grounds for removal.  To head off interpersonal disputes, any points of conflict between volunteers, interns, apprentices, or program participants should be promptly reported to 25 Carrick.ConfidentialityWhile it is not expected that you will handle confidential information, you may be exposed to information of a sensitive or personal nature to 25 Carrick, its staff, or the individuals or organizations that 25 Carrick serves.  You must protect such information using at least the level of care you would use in protecting your own confidential information of a similar nature.  This provision shall not interfere with mandatory reporter requirements or with reports to authorities.Completion BonusYou understand and agree that the apprenticeship program is not a requirement for or a path to employment at 25 Carrick.  You will receive a $500 bonus upon successfully completion of the entire apprenticeship program.Conflicts, Influence & GiftsYou may have many commitments and affiliations in your community, but you may not engage in activities that would undermine the work or success of 25 Carrick, including but not limited to diverting donor funds, drawing away staff or other volunteers, or competing with 25 Carrick.You may not attempt to influence decisions or actions via 25 Carrick activities.  You are not authorized to speak on 25 Carrick’s behalf or engage in any activities beyond those authorized.Feedback and Whistleblowing25 Carrick values on-the-ground experiences and welcomes input on how to improve the organization’s programs and operations.  Please make suggestions to 25 Carrick, as long as such suggestions are made in a constructive and polite manner.  If you think you have witnessed any unethical or illegal behavior, immediately report it to 25 Carrick staff or leadership.  25 Carrick will attempt to protect your identity as a whistleblower as may be possible under the circumstances, and prohibits any retaliation against good-faith whistleblowers.Cessation of Apprentice RelationshipThe apprentice relationship ends upon completion of the program and may be ended sooner by either 25 Carrick or you, for any reason.  You must then return any property or information belonging to 25 Carrick within seven days.Release of LiabilityIN AGREEING TO THIS AGREEMENT, I EXPRESSLY RELEASE 25 CARRICK, AS WELL AS ITS STAFF, BOARD MEMBERS, VOLUNTEERS, INTERNS, APPRENTICES, EMPLOYEES, INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS, ATTORNEYS, ACCOUNTANTS, FUNDRAISING COUNSEL, ADVISORS, DONORS, HEIRS, ASSIGNS, AND LICENSEES, FROM ANY LIABILITY FOR ANY LOSS OF PROPERTY OR PERSONAL INJURY INCURRED WHILE I AM IN THE 25 CARRICK APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM.AGREEMENTI have read and understood the Agreement and agree to be bound by its terms.Participant Signature
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