Certified ONAP Professional (COP) Beta Tester Sign-up
ONAP and The Linux Foundation are developing a Certified ONAP Professional (COP) exam.

Are you interested in participating in the Beta and receiving an early attempt at the exam? If you pass you will be COP Certified!

-- The online exam consists of performance-based items (problems) to be solved from the command line.
-- A remote Proctor will oversee the exam administration.
-- The exam is expected to take approximately 2 hours to complete.
-- Beta testing is targeted for November 2019 (exact date tbd).
-- During the exam, each beta tester will provide exam experience feedback (in a Form tbd)
-- The COP Beta will be available at the low discount of $100 (General Availability will be $300)

Please complete this Form by end of day UTC October 31, 2019 for a chance to participate in the COP Beta. You will be contacted with additional information when the beta exam is ready to take.
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