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- Updated July 17 2022 -
Thanks for both Bike Party in June & Bike Party 2 in July 2022! Both were amazing & thanks to all that took part, volunteered, donated & cheered us on! The sign-up form remains open, so feel free to sign up so you don't miss any future mailings!

We encourage you to fill out this form so you get the latest scoop direct to your inbox as emails will contain all the good info & links! Note that emails on ride night will be iffy - advance sign up is encouraged!

If you've filled out this form since the last BP event, you don't have to do so again, but if you're not sure, feel free to do so anyways as email is our primary form of communication. as well, if you're interested in helping out with any volunteer role, we'll be working off of 2022 responses only (we don't assume your interests or availability or willingness to help are the same year over year), so if you're inclined to help, might as well give it another shot. we promise, it might seem long, but it's actually really quick -

There are no current health or pandemic protocols being enforced, yet we encourage you to do what you feel comfortable doing. Masks are welcome for those that choose to wear one & we encourage everyone to be fully vaccinated prior to riding.

We're also asking some basic questions so we can understand your comfort levels & involvement so we can all be on the same page.
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Last Name
Nickname (if you prefer we call you this on rides)
How important are safety precautions to you while riding? *
We're taking precautions in order to ride more safely, but help us understand just how important safe riding in a group is to you.
Not at all important; everyone can do what they want
Critically important; I won't ride unless everyone is taking precautions
BP is run by volunteers. If you want to get involved, that helps the entire event (better event = more good)! Most opportunities are decentralized, meaning that it won't be a big drain on your time, but at least we can ride knowing we've got a great skillset on hand. Other opportunities might involve a bit of pre-planning, but that's all based on feedback & involvement. Take a look, see what you'd like to help with as the info you provide helps us plan & understand what we're able to achieve collectively!
You can check more than one item if you're interested. Your interest doesn't mean obligation, so no sweat. Many hands = light work!
Based on my answers to the last question, my availability is...
Check all that apply
Outdoor events are great! But some people may yet be Covid hesitant, so we ask everyone to be courteous & respect everyone's individual comfort levels in regard to masking & distancing. Someone too close? Speak up. Someone ask you to keep some distance? Don't take it personally, just take a big step back, continue chatting.  Do you agree to respect & be courteous to fellow riders? *
It's been a hard time, so let's be kind to each other.
BP is asking for donations to help us offset costs. We encourage a donation of one hour of whatever wage you get at your place of employment (ie. sliding scale) as that helps us offset expenses. Every bit helps, so we appreciate any and all support. For those riders that are in a position to contribute more, we encourage you to do so. Contactless donation details will be shared via email. BP has not come close to covering expenses on any event, but we do this for a love of BP, and by asking for donations, we just hope to share the burden a bit. Depending on responses, we'll be able to gauge just what we're able to pull off. No one that can't contribute will be turned away - we embrace all riders regardless of financial resources. “It is every man’s obligation to put back into the world at least the equivalent of what he takes out of it.” ―Albert Einstein; “No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.” ―Charles Dickens *
Let us know what your thoughts are on donating. Your response isn't an obligation, it just helps us ballpark what we'll be able to commit to. You know we love to plan surprises, but advance donations help us determine what we can pull off & we adjust accordingly.
I affirm that it is my sole responsibility to keep myself safe & absolve BP of any and all liability associated with any and all health & safety concerns or otherwise, including those related to covid. *
Ride safely & courteously pretty please. :)
Bike Party is a space for all riders. All participants are expected to be courteous riders of the road, respectful of their fellow riders & look out for one another. Inappropriate conduct is not tolerated. I understand that if I am not willing or able to comply with the above instructions, I may be asked to leave the ride & will do so without dispute. While rules & regulations make the ride feel less spontaneous, I understand that they are intended for my safety & the safety of all other riders as well as their loved ones. *
Inappropriate conduct on the ride is not tolerated. Everyone is welcome, so act accordingly. Be nice to all, respect everyone.
Now's your chance to share any feedback, questions or concerns. Yes, we will read them all, so let us know what's on your mind!
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