Glitter Lab Filming Sign Up - February 19!
Filming and Photo Day - Please sign up here for filming!

Here’s the information you’ll need to be prepared for filming and photo day!

One act, under 5 minutes
One Photo, one full body or one portrait, your choice
Optional peer critique available
No do overs- sorry! But live performance means also learning how to go with the flow and recovering from mistakes and mishaps on stage.

Arrival and changing: 18:00 -19:00
Filming: 19:00 - 20:00
Feedback and Fika: 20:00

Cost: 100kr (pay by cash or swish day of)

To make it easier and run smoothly, please register interest beforehand! We can take a maximum of 10 people due to time constraints. Spots are given on a first come, first served basis.
Please be dressed, made up, and ready to go when we start filming the first act. This is to be fair to all performers. If you are not ready to go when filming starts, you may lose your spot to film. Please be prepared. Practice in your costumes, practice at home or in open lab. Treat filming day as an actual show. Unless you are doing an improvised or freestyle act, filming day is not the day to choreograph or do an act for the very first time. That said, the act does not need to be perfect and it’s okay to make little changes. Just please make sure you have your music ready beforehand. (Mp3, google drive/dropbox link, spoitfy or youtube link, or saved to your phone that we can plug into the sound system.)

I will have a video camera to film your acts, but it never hurts to have a friend filming on your phone as a backup!


Critique is optional. If you would like a critique simply indicate that on the signup sheet. We will be critiquing using critique cards to save time. Time in our space is limited, so please keep your comments brief.
If you don’t want a critique that’s okay!


You will get one photo either full body or portrait taken right before your acts are filmed. Please be dressed and ready to go, or you may not be able to have your photo taken.

Stage- Kitten

There will be no stage kitten, so you are responsible for cleaning up after yourself!

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Is your act messy?
If yes, please describe. You will be responsible for bringing a tarp and cleaning after yourself.
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