BYU Rough Cut! Submission Form
BYU Rough Cut is an event much like an open mic night for student films. This means we will show the first films submitted, in the order they were submitted*, until we have filled up the 80 minute time slot. There are some requirements:

- Film(s) cannot be longer than 10 minutes (we want to be able to show as much stuff as we can)
- Submitters can only submit 2 films for the screening. (*If a submitter submits 2 films, we may rearrange the order to have variety. The SFA reserves the right to just select one film from a submitter)
- All films submitted must meet BYU Honor Code and TMA Viewing a Creation Policies. Any film violating these will be disqualified from being screened.

Please use the following form to submit your film. Submissions are due by January 31, however, the slots may be filled sooner than that, so the earlier the better. Once the program is filled, you will be notified if your submission made it into the program. If you make it into the Rough Cut program, you will be required to bring a HD Quicktime file of your film to Kyle Stapley in the TMA office (D581 HFAC) by February 7.

BYU Rough Cut! is a Free Event, so invite all of your friends to come and enjoy all the student films that will screen at this event. The event will be held Thursday, February 15 at 7pm in the Varsity Theatre in the Wilkinson Student Center.

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