Soft Cell Biological Research Introduction
This is the application to apply for an internship with Soft Cell Biological Research. We encourage you to be familiar with our company and L-Form bacteria prior to your application. Please visit our website ( and read the description below for basic information:

Soft Cell Biological has developed a patent-pending protocol to culture and examine hidden bacteria in the circulatory system. Our ultimate goal is to reveal the link between these bacteria, autoimmune disorders, and recurrent infection. Preliminary testing reveals that donors suffering from chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and anemia carry high concentrations of L-form bacteria in their blood. Despite the medical community’s recognition that bodies attack themselves, the source of this process is mysterious—a source we have potentially discovered. In lacking cell walls, these bacteria are able to invade red blood cells, traveling freely throughout the body and eventually taking any cell within as a host. The ability to culture L-form bacteria from two drops of blood reveals new avenues toward solving these problems.

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