Spinning a Yarn: Stories of Service
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It has come to our attention over the years that our veterans of the United States Navy love to tell a good story. These are not the tall tales or “sea stories” you might hear in crowded bars or  water coolers. We are talking about real life personal remembrances of service and sacrifice. These stories are out there - but there is no means to truly capture them and broadcast them to a wide audience. Overall, readers of our blog appreciate the human connection felt in storytelling - the same goes for any disciplines.  Everyone loves a good story.

We want to hear about your stories of service in the United States Navy. Was there ever a particularly enjoyable (or not so enjoyable) time in the Navy? Does a particular moment during a deployment stand out in your mind?

Tell us your story. Let our readers get to know the “other side” of the Navy. Naval history often comments only on the ships and their movements. We want to know about the men and women that gave that ship life; those who brought naval history come to life. Without you, there would be no prospect of studying this discipline in the future.

We can “amplify” your stories with historical vignettes, historical images, etc. We want to make sure that YOU have your rightful place in the annals of naval history. This project is part storytelling/part history - an interesting take on standard oral histories and biographies.

If you have accompanying pictures to your story, please send them to Matthew Eng, Digital Content Developer at meng@navyhistory.org with the tagline “(NAME) - Story of Service” and a brief description of your photo.

Again, these are not “sea stories” or “tall tales” in the classical sense, but rather your contributions to naval history. This is a blank canvas. That being said, a few criteria for your submission(s) to be best considered for publication.

• Please (try to) keep your stories to 1,000 words.
• No questions - questions are not stories.
• Please try to avoid direct slander against shipmates or political/public figures - keep that portion of your story anonymous.
• If your stories were a MPAA rating for movies, please keep them PG-13.
• If you wish to remain anonymous, please do so. Otherwise, include your name and information at the bottom of the story before you submit.
• No stories related to or involving suicide.
• Please do not include political or religious opinions in your submissions.

The stories and snippets you share can be comical, informational, or anecdotal. Stories are chosen on publication on the Naval Historical Foundation blog based on meeting the criteria above.  

If you would like to include any photographs with your story, please send them to meng@navyhistory.org. Please be sure to include "Spinning a Yarn" in the email subject line.

#NHF #NHFStoriesofService

NOTE: Publication do not necessarily mean endorsement. Your thoughts and opinions are yours and yours alone.
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