Land Design Mentorship Future Sessions
Hello Folks,

You're here because you're keen on Land Design Mentorship but the current session didn't work for you.

After you've completed at Permaculture Design Course can be one of the hardest times, you've got a lot of information and enthusiasm, but where, oh where to start! What are the particulars of planting a food forest? How does one evaluate the actual rainwater potential of a site compared to client's water use audit? How do you even get your first real design?

Both Neil and I were there, fresh off a course and looking to make a difference but with little knowledge or wisdom to guide us. I would have a loved a mentor who'd made all the mistakes I was about to make and could have saved me thousands of hours, a bundle of cash, and most importantly, lost time.

That's where this program comes in. The program gathers 10-15 students who are keen to increase their design knowledge, are starting a business, or are working on a project and need guidance now to avoid making costly mistakes.

We'll meet LIVE every week for a 1.5 hr call to answer your pre-prepared questions on land design, and again once a week ONLINE via a Facebook group for 1.5 hr "office hours" where we'll be available to answer your questions.

From week to week you'll have an accountability partner that you can connect with and work through the program together, and you'll be in a community of like minded people who are all working to help and support each other.

It's the best geek out of 'like-minded folks who want to make a difference' you can find.

Program Details
-3 Months
-12 weeks
-1.5 hr live call per week where a mentor answer your questions
-1.5 hr office hours where a mentor is available via facebook group to answer your question around design
-Like-minded community of designers and entrepreneurs
-Accountability Partner to help work through the program with you

If you're interested in being notified when there's more information about the next program offering or when registration is open please sign up below.

Thanks again

Javan K. Bernakevitch B.Comn
All Points Design


Neil Bertrando
RT Permaculture

PS If you have any questions or need help before we can offer the course, feel free to reach out.
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