Outsole Gold Accents + 1% for the Planet
With our new outsole in development, we're considering gold accents on the bottom. But before investing further, we wanted to see what you think.

We're also thinking about how we're presenting our membership 1% for the Planet, and have a few questions about that.

Thank you for helping us out with this survey! Your feedback has introduced new ideas and changed the direction of our business many times.
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Outsole Gold Accents
During a monthly team meeting, Darius presented an idea: what if we added an accent of gold to the bottom of the outsole? To see what that might look like, Mountain did some "rapid prototyping." In other words, he borrowed his girlfriend's gold nail polish, and mocked up 2 concepts.

Important: The gold accent will be only underfoot, and not visible at all from the sides.
Here's an animation, so you can see how the gold reflects light at different angles.
What do you think of gold accents under your new outsole? *
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Would you buy Carets if there were gold accents under the outsole? *
Which gold accent style do you prefer? *
You can make a suggestion with "Other." Note: highlighting just the letters would be very difficult, because of how fine those lines get.
If you're an expert of some sort on this subject, do you have any suggestions on how we would best add gold accents? Please share some of your expert background, and the pros and cons of your idea.
The signature red sole of Christian Louboutins are painted. They get scratched up as soon as you walk outside. Some owners pay $60 every 3 wears to get them refinished. We think our customers want something more durable and lower maintenance than that. For our gold accent, our most promising idea is to make it with TPU, and fuse it permanently with the rest of the TPU outsole. Kind of like how Vibram embeds their signature yellow logo. But we're still exploring, and happy to hear ideas!
Do you have any other questions or comments about outsoles and gold accents?
1% for the Planet
1% for the Planet is a network of 2,000+ eco-conscious businesses (including founding member Patagonia, CLIF Bar, Klean Kanteen, and Bedrock Sandals), that pledge 1% of their sales to nonprofits improving our planet's health.

1% for the Planet provides a way for consumers to identify and support businesses that share their values. It also combats corporate "greenwashing". By holding all members accountable to a hard metric of 1% of sales, you know that exactly 1% of every dollar you spend with us is being contributed to improving our planet's health.

Here is our original announcement about joining: https://carets.com/blogs/news/114635396-were-giving-1-of-sales-for-the-planet
Before this survey, did you know what 1% for the Planet is? *
Before this survey, did you know Carets is a member of 1% for the Planet? *
Do environmental initiatives like 1% for the Planet matter to you in choosing what to buy? *
Not just for Carets, but in general when you're shopping?
Is there another nonprofit that does more important work and/or fits our brand better than Heifer.org? Why do you think so?
Heifer.org has been the main beneficiary of our 1% pledge. They provide low-income farmers with agricultural assets (livestock, crops, tools) and the training to use them optimally and sustainably, to support communities and their local ecosystems as a whole. I would describe their approach as helping people help themselves to help even more people. We vibe with food issues in general because they tackle many other issues at the same time: hunger, health, poverty, and pollution. You can read more on why we chose them here: https://carets.com/blogs/news/fighting-hunger-poverty-and-pollution
Do you have any other questions or comments about 1% for the Planet and our membership?
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