Possible topics for SICSFLAGS, Fall 2019
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Blazing a research path: choosing projects, finding your passion, making combinations of interests coherent
Lab startup (howto negotiate space and startup, and then what to do with it!)
Time / project / laboratory management
Developing a web presence (website, social media, etc.)
Web site hackathon (actually build homepages for everyone)
Reviewing -- abstracts, journal articles, grants
CVs and resumes
Non-academic careers
IRB, IACUC and responsible conduct of research
Interpersonal skills at 'social events' -- dinners/informal meetings with visitors or as a visitor
Shiny -- making interactive 'apps' in R
Finding interdisciplinary collaborators and managing teams
How to fail right -- moving forward after setbacks
"Better poster" approach
Data visualization
Negotiating authorship and credit
Clear form
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