Customized Printable Order Form
I would be happy to make a customized printable for you! This will take just 3 easy steps:
1) Answer these questions telling me what you'd like on your printable.
2) I'll send you a bill for $5 each printable via Paypal that you can pay with any debit or credit card.
3) Once I receive your payment I'll make your printable just how you want it within 3 business days (but probably sooner than that!) I'll email your printable & you can print it at home or at your favorite business supply store.
Thank you so much for your business!
What size printable would you like?
What text or saying would you like on your printable?
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Take a look at the picture below and tell me what background would you like the best.
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Now look at the picture below and tell me what font choice you like the best.
Any other special requests?
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Please type in your email so I can send you the printable and the bill.
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