HCO Quality of life Questionnaire
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Do you currently have a valid California Medical Marijuana License.
What Medical Conditions do you have.
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My condition limits the places where I can go
I sometimes feel like crying
My condition makes me feel embarrassed or depressed
I have difficulty dressing myself
I Struggle to do work around the house
I am unable to join in activities with my Friends/Family
I have unbearable Pain
I am tired all the time
I have to keep stopping what I am doing to rest
I have great difficulty getting meaningful sleep
My Condition creates problems with partner/close friends/family
Causes Sexual Difficulties
My condition is affecting my appetite
What drugs are you currently taking
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Are you having to take any drugs that are specifically for side effects of something else, if so what are they.
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How long have you had this condition and when were you diagnosed.
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Rate your pain level from 1(low) to 10 (intense) and if possible its localization
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Has anything given you really good relief from your condition, even if only temporarily and if yes, what was it.
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Are you interested in trying HCO
If you want someone to contact you please leave your contact information *Must be in California
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