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First, read this guide on how to submit your application and tips on our selection process:

The application process varies for different roles as indicated below:

Once you have submitted your form, please send your CV in PDF format to join-us@edgeperformance.co.ke with the subject line "Join edge team" Your CV should not be more than 2 pages and is named in the following format: First name_Other names.
Example: Catherine_Wahome CV.pdf

~~~~~~~~~~~~ Talent Management & Recruitment Associate

Download the JD details inc. how to apply here http://bit.ly/eAssociateJD
1) Fill in the application form below
2) Submit your CV as under the guidelines above

~~~~~~~~~~~~ Recruitment Intern

Download the JD details incl. how to apply here http://bit.ly/edgeRHintern
1) Fill in the application form below
2) Submit your CV as under the guidelines above

~~~~~~~~~~~~ Communications & Community Intern

Download the JD incl. how to apply here http://bit.ly/edgecommsJD
Communications Applicants do NOT fill the below form!

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Talent recruitment
Head Hunting
Conducting team audits
Facilitating trainings and workshops
MS Office (PPT, DOC, XLS)
Leading teams
Employee engagement/relations activities
SME/startups consulting
Conducting structured interviews
Designing selection materials
Designing HR processes
Organization Development
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