How To Protect Privacy on a Blockchain -- and Why You Need To Care RIGHT NOW
Privacy is a basic right but today's blockchain apps and protocols mostly lack any privacy protection in their design or operation. This leads to problems in the short term like the potential for hacks, account takeovers, and others. And in the longterm it could lead to larger-scale problems like authoritarian surveillance and erosion of personal protections. No one has all the answers but several teams are working on this important issue. In this session we'll have a discussion about what's working now, what needs to change, and how we can build privacy into blockchains without centralization. We'll cover privacy in layer 1, layer 2 options, and building privacy into dApps.

Chat guests: Corbin Pon, Thesis; Yossi Gilad, Algorand; Christine Ferrusi Ross, Decision Changers

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