Bay of Plenty Employer Attitude Survey
One in four New Zealander’s identify as having a disability, in the Bay of Plenty that figure is slightly higher. Despite making up a significant portion of our population, people with disabilities are three times less likely to be employed than those without a disability. In order to make sustainable change and work towards higher employment rates, we believe we must first understand from a business point of view, where any barriers and opportunities exist.
The following survey sets out to gather insights into Bay of Plenty employers and businesses attitudes towards hiring people with disability.

Some questions below are direct and as such may feel uncomfortable to answer, we ask that you respond honestly in order to show a true reflection on current attitudes and perspectives so we can uncover real-time barriers and opportunities. All responses will be kept confidential and neither you nor your workplace will be identified at any stage. We anticipate the survey will take approximately 10 - 15 minutes to complete.

Thank you for your time in participating in the survey. We look forward to sharing the findings in due course.

The Government definition of disability is "A person with a disability is someone who has been assessed as having a physical, psychiatric, intellectual, sensory, or age related disability (or a combination of these) which is likely to continue for a minimum of six months and result in a reduction of independent function to the extent that ongoing support is required"
Please tell us what sort of organisation you work for? (Please note that we do not want the name of your workplace - we would just like to know whether it is a clothing store, cafe, school, public hospital etc. *
Are you involved in the recruitment of staff? *
Whether or not you are involved in recruitment, can you tell us what you know about the recruitment process in your workplace? Eg. how vacancies are advertised, shortlisting and interview process, work trials etc. *
Do you believe that accessibility is considered in the recruitment process of your workplace? *
Can you provide any examples how accessibility is or is not considered in your workplace's recruitment process?
Do you think your workplace would be open to learning more about accessibility in recruitment? *
Without thinking too much about this - can you tell us what qualities you or your workplace look for in potential employees that make them the ideal fit. *
Research suggests that employers, on the whole, are looking for highly productive people who are skilled enough to do the job they are required to do and are no hassle. Do you agree with that? *
How important to do believe diversity and inclusion is in workplaces? *
Not at all important
Extremely important
Do you feel that diversity and inclusion is a focus for your workplace? *
Do you know of any diversity and inclusion initiatives and/or policies etc in your workplace that focus specifically on disability? *
If yes, can you provide any examples of these
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