MDR 2014 Associate Editor Application
The Monash Debating Review is looking for Associate Editors! This presents an exciting opportunity for experienced debaters, adjudicators and coaches to get involved in the publication of a peer-reviewed journal. In addition to the resume experience, this is your chance to help shape important conversations about debating. Details about the journal, the positions, and applications are found below.


The Monash Association of Debaters (MAD) is currently seeking to appoint Associate Editors for the Monash Debating Review (MDR).


First published in 2002, the MDR is an annual publication that aims to both inform readers and provide a forum for discussion of issues as they relate to debating and adjudicating. The MDR draws on the opinions and experiences of some of the best debaters, adjudicators and coaches from around the world.

The MDR is the world’s only international debating journal. It is a scholarly, interdisciplinary journal that has featured articles from Australia, Russia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States, as well as interviews with prominent public intellectuals and policy-makers.

To view past articles and full editions please visit


Associate Editor positions are open to all members of the international debating community. In 2013, Associate Editors were appointed from Europe, Africa, North America and Australasia and this year we hope to appoint applicants representative of all geographic regions.

An Associate-Editor will:

- Encourage the submission of manuscripts from the worldwide debating community;
- Analyse and critically evaluate each submission;
- Proofread and edit submitted articles; and
- Report regularly to the Editor-in-Chief.


Applications will be judged based on the best combination of:
- Previous editorial and/or publication experience;
- Debating and/or adjudicating experience; and
- Responses to the questions in the application form

The Associate Editor role is a volunteer position

Applicants should apply by completing the form below. Any questions should be directed to The deadline is midnight, BST, on Saturday August 30th, and applicants will be notified about the outcome within a week.

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