DEVELOP Requirements Validation Survey
DEVELOP is a Horizon 2020 European Commission funded research project. DEVELOP aims to develop a novel Personalized Learning Environment for employee career development. DEVELOP considers two critical factors for successful workplace career development:
(i) assessment of employee’s transversal (transferable) competencies (e.g., Leadership, Communication, Critical-Thinking) through various assessment methods such as personality assessment, general mental ability, and simulation-based assessment;
(ii) assessment of employee’s social capital through social network analysis. An employee's social capital is defined as any social connections in their social network that have potential value and benefits to their career actions and goals.

The final product at the end of DEVELOP project will be a tool that suggests learning activities to employees based on their selection of a career goal, assessment of their competencies and their workplace social capital. It is also a talent management tool for employee managers and Human Resources staff of an organization

Purpose of Survey:
The purpose of this survey is to validate our requirements by gathering expert feedback and opinions.

We are planning to analyze and aggregate your responses along with others. We assure you that any data relating to this survey will be securely stored, and anonymized so that your personal data will not be associated with any of your responses.

What you need to do:
You’ll be presented with requirement statements and you can indicate how much you agree or disagree with the statements.

This survey will take 10 - 15 minutes to complete.

Further Information:
Information about the DEVELOP project and its consortium members are available at (
For questions and concerns about this survey please contact (

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