Fall Practice Period Application
Gathering together in a practice period is a way to deepen and focus our Zen practice and commitment. For 7 weeks, we will practice together with: a day long retreat, weekly classes on the Heart Sutra and a final 3 Day Retreat. It will be October 4-November 24 co-led by Ryushin Paul Haller and Rev. Michaela as the Shuso (head monk). Please fill out this form to apply to the Practice Period. The suggested cost is $150 for Members and $250 for Non-Members. Please email us with any questions! MidCityZenNola@gmail.com.
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I will participate in the Opening Meeting October 4, 6-7:30pm *
I will participate in Full Day Retreat October 5, 8am-6pm *
I will participate in 6 week Thursday Night Class on the Heart Sutra, from 10/10-11/21 *
I will participate in Three Day Retreat November 22-24 *
I can commit to one formal Dokusan (practice discussion) with Ryushin Paul Haller *
I would like to be trained as Doan or Tenken *
I plan to sit zazen daily at home *
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