LifeRing Skills Survey
In this survey you will be presented with a list of various skills that are needed by LifeRing to continue to function as effeciently as we can. Without the generous support and help from our dedicated members we cannot continue to provide the important peer suppor work done by our army of volunteers.

We know our members have an amazing base of knowledge and skills that can help us grow and operate more efficiently. This survey is an attempt to find out what people are prepared to offer to LifeRing as volunteers.

There will be a listing of skills that we could use to assist LifeRing. Please rate your ability and knowledge fro 0 to 10 with zero being no knowledge or ability and 10 being expert. Some questions ask for choices from a drop down menu and others request a short written response to describe your skills and knowledge.

This is a voluntary survey and other than a few questions for identification purposes nothing else is required for you to answer unless you wish to. All this information will be treated with confience and stored safely and securely by LifeRing. You will only be contacted if there is a need or a project that requires certain skills. At that time it will be your choice whether or not to put your name forward and volunteer.

Thank you very much!

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