ACBC Internship Application

The Association of Certified Biblical Counselors is re-launching our internship program.
ACBC interns are people who are interested in biblical counseling and want to deepen their knowledge and contribute to the ministry. Currently, the internship is only available at the Jacksonville, FL office location. There is a limited number of space available for internships and applications must be submitted before April 10th in order to be considered for the May – December internship program.

Informational Meeting - March 22nd at 5:00pm

Application Deadline - April 10th

2017 ACBC Internship Program Duration : May 1st - December 31st


Monthly Lunch with executive director Dr. Heath Lambert and the ACBC Jacksonville Staff
Bi-Weekly meetings with ACBC staff to discuss counseling DVD observation sessions. This is a time to critique and reflect on counseling sessions that each intern will be able to observe.
By the end of the program, you will have completed the 10 hours of counseling observation necessary for Phase 1 of ACBC certification. You will have watched these counseling hours and discussed them together as a group with the ACBC staff.


10 volunteer hours to assist ACBC with projects per month. These hours can be completed in the ACBC offices or remotely depending upon the nature of the projects assigned. The hours are also flexible and can be adjusted according to specific interns and their schedules.
Commitment to work the duration of the 2017 Annual Conference and 2017 Pre-Conference as a volunteer for the event.

Next Steps:

If you are interested in becoming an ACBC intern, you are invited to an informational dinner before Wednesday night church on March 22nd at 5pm at the Grace Center for Biblical Counseling Offices. RSVP is required by March 17th and dinner will be provided. If you are interested in the internship, please email Kaity Glick ( to let her know of your interest and/or your availability to attend the informational dinner.
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Expectations of All ACBC Interns
- Be a growing, servant-hearted believer who is in agreement with ACBC’s doctrinal statement.
- Actively support, promote, and be committed to ACBC’s mission and strategic and operational plans for the purpose of advancing the cause of biblical counseling.
- Exhibit Christlike conduct and speech at all times and with all people. Be quick to hear, slow to speak, and slow to anger in all situations (James 1:19-20). Gather adequate information before making a judgment (Prov 18:2, 13, 15, & 17). As a representative of ACBC and biblical counseling, you are expected to live out what we teach. Be quick to make things right when you have erred (Matt 5:23-24; Rom 12:18).
- Be self-motivated and able to multi-task, with a concern for details, organization, and efficiency.
- Suggest ideas and strategies that would enhance ACBC’s effectiveness.
- Respond to messages and emails promptly in a respectful, courteous, and professional manner.
- Be willing to grow in skills and abilities related to your job.
- Attendance at the yearly ACBC Annual Conference/Pre-Conference and 10 Volunteer Hours a month during the program.
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