Rock Hard 2019
September 13th-15th at Millerton Lake
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Will you be participating in the beer mile on Friday, September 13th? *
Will you be eating the breakfast, lunch, and dinner provided on Saturday and the breakfast provided on Sunday? *
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I understand that any injuries I may or may not receive whilst drunk on trail are my own fault. I understand that if I am told to leave or go home at any point during the weekend, it is for my own good and I will do so without any arguing or excuses. I understand that no means no and I will not engage in any behavior that makes others feel unsafe or uncomfortable. *
Registration fees are $50 and will be sent via PayPal to or given to I Fought The Twat via cash in person. *
Campsite Information
We will be staying at North Shore Campgrounds near Millerton Lake.
Coordinates are 37.020187, -119.696437. We have two campsites booked for 40 people. Your rego fees cover your campsite while space remains. After we hit 40 people, you're on your own for finding a campsite.
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