2019 Farmers Market Survey
Tell us what you think about the Grinnell Farmers Market!
How often do you visit the Thursday Market?
How often do you visit the Saturday Market?
Are there factors limiting your attendance on Thursday or Saturday?
Do you get produce from the Giving Gardens in town?
Do you have your own garden or grow any food at your home?
What do you like to buy at market? How important are each of the following?
Not important/Never purchase
Only a little important
Somewhat important
Quite important
Highly important/purchase frequently
Fresh Produce
Baked goods, preserves, jams
Handcrafted items
Plants/cut flowers
How much do you usually spend during a trip to the market?
What are your two favorite things about the market? (Products, activities, etc) Are there products that aren't at market (or not a good selection) that you would like to see more of?
Your answer
Do you use the SNAP or Double Up Food Bucks program at market?
Farmers Markets offer a variety of different products and programs and people attend for different reasons. Please indicate how strongly you agree or disagree with each of the following statements:
Strongly disagree
Neither agree nor disagree
Strongly agree
A vibrant sense of community at market is important to me.
I value the fact that everything at the Grinnell Farmers market is grown or made in Iowa.
I come to the market mainly to shop. Entertainment and other events are not a draw for me.
It's important that the market offers things like music, educational programming and other family-friendly activities.
It's important that the market offers cooking demonstrations, crafting demonstrations, seasonal recipes, etc.
I support the farmers market because it's important to make positive environmental choices.
Supporting local farmers and crafters is important to me.
It's important to me to meet and talk with the producers of the food or products I'm buying.
Product prices often keep me from purchasing products at market.
There is not enough selection of products at market for me to attend.
How do you get info about the market?
What age group do you belong to?
What gender do you identify as
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