Giant Schnauzer Seizure/Epilepsy Study
The study is being undertaken by the UK Giant Schnauzer Club in association with the Northern Schnauzer Club, Schnauzer Club of Great Britain and Giant Schnauzer Health Fund. The purpose is to determine the prevalence of seizures and Idiopathic epilepsy, and it is hoped that the study may highlight any causes and/or triggers for seizures, any familial links, what treatment is available, and generally provide a better understanding of the nature of seizures/epilepsy within the breed. It is also hoped that the study will identify individual dogs that may potentially help with any future research into the inherited form of epilepsy, and any that meet with the criteria for the Animal Health Trust’s ‘Give a Dog a Genome’ project.

It is a requirement that owners provide contact details in order to be included in the study. Any information supplied will only be used as part of a statistical analysis but individual cases may be evaluated, on a strictly confidential basis, by the breed clubs' Breed Health Co-ordinators. No detail of individual cases will be divulged to Schnauzer Breed Clubs or any individual, without the owner’s specific approval.

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Giant Schnauzer Seizure/Epilepsy Study
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