Suggest a City for Sammus to Visit!
Big thanks to The Doubleclicks for sharing their format -- the following is taken pretty much verbatim from them!

Would you like Sammus to play in your town? Let's do it!

If you just want to cast a vote for your city, enter its name below! If you can fill out more of the form and tell me about a local venue... that's even better!

NOTE: If you represent a convention, company, or school or want to hire me for a show on a specific date, please contact my management directly at:
City? *
State - or country, if outside US *
Your name
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Additional Information *
How many people could you bring to a show in your city? Why would this be a dope place for me to visit? What's your fave Sammus song? Could you be interested in hosting a house concert? Anything else?
Specific venue suggestions (optional but VERY HELPFUL!)
Do you know of a game store, barcade, or other venue that might be fun for me to play? You know your town better than I do, and you'll save me a lot of time if you can suggest a place that you know isn't sketchy. I take suggestions MUCH MORE SERIOUSLY if you can do a little thinking to suggest a venue—PLUS it means I'll be playing somewhere you like! Something that fits 20-to-100-persons is about the right size for me in most major cities.
Venue Name (or "house concert"--especially needed in Europe!)
Venue Website: this is very helpful, thank you!
Venue Connection (optional)
Have you seen a similar act play there? Do you know the owner?
Venue Contact Information (if you know someone / it's not readily available on their website)
e-mail/phone/name - all helpful
Venue Capacity
How many people fit? Sitting/standing numbers both helpful. You can also guess :)
Additional Venue Information/the place where you write if you have more than one suggestion
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