Sunshine Group STAFF Application: Summer 2020
**Must be 16 by July 1st in order to apply!**

SUMMER 2020: Tuesday, July 7th - Friday, August 14th
(Open House and Staff Orientation on July 6th)
8:00 am - 1:00 pm Tuesdays – Fridays
Oakland Park/Medway Senior Center, 76 Oakland Street, Medway, MA 02053

Contact our Admin Team!
Director: Jessica Peck
Assistant Director: Mark SanClemente
Coordinators: Emily Harris & Shannon McHugh
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Important Information to know before applying!!
- The Sunshine Group is a 6 week Summer program that is dedicated to accepting, celebrating, and respecting each child.
- Each week has its own theme where staff plan and implement games and activities that correspond with the theme.
- Tuesdays and Wednesdays are camp days while Thursdays are Field Trip days and Fridays are pool days.

- Each staff member is required to work from 8am-1pm Tuesday through Friday during the summer session dates. Our children rely on you to be there every day for our short summer session!
**If you need to be out, it is your responsibility to let Jess know in advance.

- A REQUIRED Staff Training will be held on Monday, July 6th at 9am. Please contact Jess if you are unable to attend but still wish to apply.
I have read the above information. I understand that I need to be available to work for the full six weeks because the children are counting on me. If I must miss a day, I will let Jess know well in advance. *
Which ages(s) are you interested in working with? Rank each age according to your preference. (NOTE: preferences may be taken into account but are not a guarantee) *
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Last Choice
Red (Ages 2-3)
Orange (Ages 4-5)
Yellow (Ages 6/7/8)
Green (Ages 9-10)
Blue (Ages 11 & up)
Staff will be asked to take on various roles. Below are a few of those roles and the roles responsibilities. PLEASE READ and then select 2 (or more) in the next question
Group Leader. This person will be responsible for overseeing all counselors and children in the group, coordinating activities with fellow staff for their group, and reporting directly to the directors.

Bus Monitor. These people will ride on the bus everyday to pick up children. They will work alongside a bus driver to learn the bus route and will be responsible for all pickup/drop offs around town. The bus monitor also will ensure children’s safety on the bus and communicate with the directors and parents, if necessary.

Group Photographer. This person will be responsible for taking photos each day of the children in your group. Photos will be used for the blog and memory books. The group photographer will also upload photos online to Google Photos upon training. Bonus if you have your own camera!

Attendance Keeper. This person will be responsible for taking group attendance every day and making sure notes/permission slips are collected and given to the directors.

Music Coordinator. This person will be responsible for choosing songs to sing and lead during morning music time. This person should also work with staff to create a playlist for bus rides and camp wide events. This person does not have to have prior music experience but would be a bonus.

Blog Writer. This person will be responsible for writing daily updates of what happened during the day to be shared on the website. Each group will provide this person with information of what their group did that day. (number of roles open: 1)

Arts and Crafts Team. This person will help make models of craft projects for your group, help children make crafts, and organize arts and crafts materials needed for projects These people also should be able to come up with unique craft ideas that relate to the weekly themes.

Supplies Team. This person will be responsible for determining what supplies their group will need for the week. This person will take inventory in the storage shed and will help make shopping lists for any materials that are needed for their group.

Organization/Storage Team. This person will be responsible for helping to pack and unpack storage shed each day. This person will also help to organize all materials and guide staff on where to find or put materials. Organization is key for this role.

Memory Book Organizer. Memory books are “yearbooks” for our program. Each child is given a staff made book full of photos and memories throughout the 6 weeks of camp. All staff will assist in making memory books but this role is dedicated to helping to organize all materials and photos for these books. These people will work closely with the group photographer.
What role(s) would you be willing to take on? *
*Please select 2 or more roles or "No Preference"*
Please list any certifications you may have (CPR, Lifeguard) and their dates of expiration
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*** New Employees must fill out the information below! Returning employees may stop here***
Any questions? Feel free to contact us!
Please list three personal references (include their names, phone numbers, their relationship and number of years they have known you)
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Please list any previous experiences you have had with children (Specifically including any experiences, if any, with children with special needs)
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What talents or hobbies do you have that you feel you could contribute to the program?
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How did you hear about The Sunshine Group?
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Why do you want to work with The Sunshine Group?
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Thank you for applying to work with us at Sunshine Group!
While we review your application, should you have any questions, please be sure to contact us at
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